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Stop Wasting Time. Start Using Captcha Sniper!

solving captchasHave you ever stopped to consider Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA)? Those of us that use computers often have thought what is this about at least once in our usage. These are those test at the end of some sites that checks to see if the person on the site is actually a human being and not a machine. This article is meant to explain everything you ever wanted to know about CAPTCHA.

There are different types of CAPTCHAs since their invention in 1997. The first and most common type is the one where the user types the letters of a disfigured image. Another type of CAPTCHA is the reCAPTCHA, which presents different variations of characters that are usually warped making division virtually unattainable. Another form of CAPTCHA is called Sequenced Tagged CAPTCHA, which is where they put numbers in the text. There is also the ESP Pix CAPTCHA, which asks the user to identify objects in pictures to prove that you are human. All of these types of CAPTCHAs and any other type people have been generating over the years, are all randomly automated.

The best and most cost effective way to solve CAPTCHAs is to be human and not depend on a machine to do it. However there are programs that can help solve CAPTCHAs for you. These programs are meant for research purposes only but many use them for other purposes including online marketing and backlink building. One of the best solutions for solving CAPTCHAs is Captcha Sniper.

It is a PC software that solves these little tests automatically. It’s mostly used with various backlinking tools for the purpose of link building. To make it work you will need to connect your favorite link building software with Captcha Sniper. Once your first software will start building profiles and links, the second will intercept CAPTCHA images, solve them and send it back to the website in question.

In conclusion, CAPTCHAs are the little short tests that a lot of secure sites like to use to prove that the user is human and not a bot. There are different types, but they all supposed to be human user friendly. The best way to solve these short tests is to pay for a software or a services to solve them. However while services will charge you a certain amount of money for each CAPTCHA solved, the software is usually a one-time investment so you will be saving lots of money in a long run.

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Smart Link Building With AutoFill Magic

Building links manually is very painful. It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. Let’s go through the process first. To start a new campaign I usually create a new email address. After that is done I choose websites to create my accounts on. Creating accounts take a lot of time because you always need to fill in a lot of information for signing up. Once the process is done you need to verify all accounts and finally post your content with your backlinks on each property. When it comes to Web 2.0s, I also take time to make those properties look good. On average it takes at least 15 minutes to create 1 decent looking web property.

autofill magic mainThis all might sound too boring and complicated but oh well, that’s just what you need to do to create good backlinks to your site. One way to go around it is to find a service that does it for you but if you have high standards like me than those services just don’t cut it. The other alternative is to hire a VA, but than your cost is at least $300/month plus hours needed to train the person.

When it comes to building high quality backlinks from good looking properties I prefer doing it myself. However I don’t do it all manually, instead I use Autofill Magic browser plugin to help me to semi-automize the process. The plugin does all the annoying work of filling in forms and posting content with backlinks embedded. It actually has many cool features like support for spun text, adding of different pictures and videos to different blog posts.

The best part is that AFM can handle all kinds of sites, not just some preset list like big name software. Software like SenukeX, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter and other ones usually build low quality backlinks meaning that sites included are of very poor quality and are not good as tier 1 link. On the other hand this plugin can create accounts and post links on most popular websites all over the web. AutoFill Magic gets constantly updated with new features and has a great support team.

backlinks are importantSoftware like Senuke, UD and MS used to be very popular and indeed could be used to rank websites but nowadays with changing Google algorithm they became ineffective and in fact would probably hurt your website instead of doing anything good. In today’s SEO one should concentrate on building backlinks from high quality properties only.

The cost of the AFM extension on official website starts at $8/month which is peanuts when compared to using services, hiring a VA or buying other software. Instead of taking 15-20 minutes on each property, it only takes me about 5 minutes which is a huge increase in my work effectiveness.

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SocialADR Basics

In today’s economy, getting as much internet traffic to a website as possible is one key goal to a business’ marketing strategy. The more web traffic there is, the higher likelihood customers will connect to the business. As a way to increase web traffic to a business website, numerous tools have been promoted by marketing companies to help their client businesses. One such tool is search engine optimization, or SEO.

socialadr serviceSEO refers to approaches where a website becomes more visible on search engine result pages. Search engine result pages, like those from Google or Bing, are key to increasing web traffic. Marketing studies have shown that the higher position a website is on a search results page, the more likely a user will click on that link.

For SEO to work, marketing companies strategize ways their client businesses can naturally inflate their position on a search result page. Marketing companies typically recommend building up rich content on a client business website. Content can be anything from videos, blog postings, and links to social media accounts, like Facebook. The more content there is on a website, the higher likelihood search engine algorithms push up a business website to the top of search results.

However, the process of building content can cost time and money for a business in-house. This is why marketing companies help their client businesses with their content creation and marketing. There are different ways this content creation is managed by these marketing companies. Companies like SocialADR have a SEO approach where they crowdsource a client business website. Crowdsourcing is an outsourcing strategy where a business receives work from a large amount of internet users. For example, a marketing businesses may outsource tweeting services to several Twitter users that will network a business website.

socialadr seoThe result of this crowdsourcing is numerous people talking and linking to a business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites. The higher volume of communication about a business on these social media sites can translate in a higher position on a search engine result page.

Working with a company like this can boost a business website to the top of search results. Instead of juggling multiple social media websites in-house, businesses can work with marketing companies that will crowdsource the social media management and marketing of the business. This not only saves time and money, but it increases the volume of content being said about the business. The end result will be a better marketing strategy for the client business and more customers.

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