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Crowd Sourcing in SEO

SEO refers to approaches where a website becomes more visible on search engine result pages. Search engine result pages, like those from Google or Bing, are key to increasing web traffic. Marketing studies have shown that the higher position a website is on a search results page, the more likely a user will click on that link.

social signalsFor SEO to work, marketing companies strategize ways their client businesses can naturally inflate their position on a search result page. Marketing companies typically recommend building up rich content on a client business website. Content can be anything from videos, blog postings, and links to social media accounts, like Facebook. The more content there is on a website, the higher likelihood search engine algorithms push up a business website to the top of search results.

However, the process of building content can cost time and money for a business in-house. This is why marketing companies help their client businesses with their content creation and marketing. There are different ways this content creation is managed by these marketing companies. Crowd sourcing is an outsourcing strategy where a business receives work from a large amount of internet users. For example, a marketing businesses may outsource tweeting services to several Twitter users that will network a business website.

social media websitesThe result of this crowd sourcing is numerous people talking and linking to a business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites. The higher volume of communication about a business on these social media sites can translate in a higher position on a search engine result page.

Instead of juggling multiple social media websites in-house, businesses can work with marketing companies that will crowd source the social media management and marketing of the business. This not only saves time and money, but it increases the volume of content being said about the business. The end result will be a better marketing strategy for the client business and more customers.

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